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Diallo McLinn



I am a Graphic Designer/ Videographer. My artwork is about color, reflection, and self-reflection of picture perfect moments and events that exemplify a perfect balance of natural lighting, style, design and time.

Early on, I wanted to be a color photographer. I love natural colors. From the subtleties of a sunset to the intensity of a stare, I catch reflections of moments when life seems to pause for a breath. Moments, people often miss, moments which to me express color, form, and style.

Photography led me into the field of graphic design, than into the field of video. I see video as a moving image. After I began working with video, I saw that the perfect photo acts like a film or video, and the perfect video/film has all the qualities of a great photo.


Watermelon.jpg 2015-4-15-12:29:52

Specialties: Photography & Video: Color theory, Movement and action shots; Web Navigation, user sensibility. I get along with most people. PR. PA. FX. AD 

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